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The Lagniappe™️
The Lagniappe™️
The Lagniappe™️
The Lagniappe™️
The Lagniappe™️

The Lagniappe™️

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Estimated Shipping Time for Our Made to Order Bits is 2-3 Weeks 

Our best selling bit, Lagniappe, helps us TRAIN then TRUST.  

Here's how to know if this bit is for you:

Does your horse do any of the following?

          ❕ Braces against your hand 
          ❕ Stiffens in a turn
          ❕ Bows off or rears up at the backside of a barrel
          ❕ Roots on the bit, stops all the time, or
          ❕ Ignores your hands

Their body language is communicating that they can't handle the pressure and they need more release!  The Lagniappe™️ is like a good set of spurs, there to help communicate when we need it…not to be used with heavy or constant pressure. 

Train your horse with clear communication. Then trust your training by removing the pressure during a turn.  It may take a little practice learning to lighten up, but less is best and your horse will thank you for it!  

 The beauty of the Lagniappe™️ Bit is that the power is in the sweet iron mouthpiece, not in a shank.  It allows us to send a clear message to a strong horse when we need more control, while still allowing us to ride with butter-soft hands as often as possible. (Manufacturing delays could result in shipping delays.)

Wouldn't it be nice if a bit came with INSTRUCTIONS?

The Lagniappe™️ does...

Use the link below to check out our Free Bit Tips for fitting guidance and other helpful tips for a great next ride.



Darlene F. says, "This is what the Lagniappe has done for me. For a hot bracey mare."


Would this work for a soft-mouthed horse around the barrels? 

Yes!  Lagniappe™️ was designed for sensitive mouthed horses that are resistant to smooth bits.  Because the Lagniappe's™️ advantage is in the mouthpiece and does not rely on leverage from a long shank, it provides more control when used properly.

We don't barrel race, can we use this bit in other ways. If we do ranch-type work?

Lagniappe™️ is great for any horse that either needs a tune-up or one you want to keep fresh in the mouth.  The mouthpiece allows a skilled horseman to elicit a lot of "feel" and immediate response from a horse when used correctly.  Because of the unique design, we believe horses of many various disciplines can benefit from Lagniappe™️.