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The Lagniappe Bit
The Lagniappe Bit
The Lagniappe Bit
The Lagniappe Bit

    The Lagniappe Bit


      Lagniappe helps us TRAIN then TRUST.  Train the horse with clear communication. Then trust your training by removing the pressure during a turn.  It may take a little practice learning to lighten up, but less is best and your horse will thank you for it!  

       The beauty of the Lagniappe Bit is that the power is in the mouthpiece, not in a shank.  It allows us to send a clear message to a strong horse when we need more control, while still allowing us to ride with butter-soft hands as often as possible. 

      You can think of The Lagniappe like a good set of spurs, there to help communicate when we need it…not to be used with constant pressure. When a horse tosses their head, roots on the bit, braces going in, or bows away instead of completing a turn… their body language is communicating that they can’t handle the pressure and need more release.

      Click the link below for the right vs. wrong placement of The Lagniappe...


      “Things you need to know about shipping: Lagniappe is an American product, made in the heart of Horse Country USA. We aren’t like other companies that order thousands of bits at a time from overseas and have them sitting on shelves ready to ship. From the day you purchase, we can typically make and deliver each bit within 2.5 weeks. With the popularity of sales and the inconsistent delivery of materials used to make Lagniappe due to Covid, some orders could take up to 30 days. We appreciate your purchase and your patience as we are working 10-12 hours a day to complete orders in a timely manner.
      Lifetime Warranty!

      If your Lagniappe is damaged or defective, we will replace it free of charge with free shipping. In the event that you, your horse or trainer do not get along with Lagniappe we offer a 30-day refund less a $20 restocking fee, buyer must provide shipping. Our store manager, Laurie will be happy to assist! laurie@stallhigh.com with questions. 


      Wouldn't it be nice if a bit came with PERSONAL INSTRUCTIONS on how to use it? The Lagniappe does...

      FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY.. when you purchase the Lagniappe,
      you will receive a Strategy Call to personally advise you on how to use it to its fullest potential.

      Schedule your Strategy Call:






      The curb chain is best when used loosely.  Typically, this means two fingers between the chin and chain.  The most common mistake Kendra sees is that people ride with a headstall too loose and curb too tight.  Make sure your headstall fits comfortably snug so that the purchase (top of the bit) does not angle forward when you apply pressure to the rein.


      Yes!  The Lagniappe mouthpiece is made from what old-time horsemen refer to as "sweet iron" because the flavor of the bit facilitates saliva.  As a horse salivates, the bit can glide into place more comfortably which results in a happier horse who is more willing to respond to rider cues.

      Would this work for a soft-mouthed horse around the barrels? 

      Yes!  Lagniappe was designed for sensitive mouthed horses that are resistant to smooth bits.  Because the Lagniappe's advantage is in the mouthpiece and does not rely on leverage from a long shank, it provides more control when used properly.

      We don't barrel race, can we use this bit in other ways. If we do ranch-type work?

      Lagniappe is great for any horse that either needs a tune-up or one you want to keep fresh in the mouth.  The mouthpiece allows a skilled horseman to elicit a lot of "feel" and immediate response from a horse when used correctly.  Because of the unique design, we believe horses of many various disciplines can benefit from Lagniappe.