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About Us

Stall High was founded in 2020 by professional barrel racer, Kendra Dickson, of Aubrey, Texas. She is a 5X Texas Circuit Finalist, and host of Women’s Pro Rodeo Today on RFD TV. She started barrel racing at just 5 years old and has been blessed to win money at some of the largest pro rodeos in the world. Growing up in Wells, TX with a Dad who made his living training horses, her family’s income was solely dependent on the level of care and training they provided. She was taught from day one the importance of how much pressure is being applied to a horse each time we ride.

For years she searched for a bit that would allow her to control a rocket sled on rails while still respecting her horse’s need for a soft touch and in 2014 she designed her own! Each bit she’s designed has been created to give the rider more control with a quicker response from the horse, while applying the lightest touch possible on the reins. In 2020 Stall High was formed and she was able to offer her custom bits and training to the public. There are riders from many different disciplines who have experienced amazing results; not only barrel racers…also ropers, ranchers, cutters, trail riders and even a fox hunter! Our bits are Handmade In the USA and that will not change! We proudly serve our fellow Americans and have now added Canada & Australia to our customer base. As always, we wish you a Great Next Ride!