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Lil Bit O Confidence

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A unique bit you won’t find anywhere else, Lil Bit O Confidence allows Kendra to teach a defensive, overly-reactive or even a “green” horse how to keep their feet moving through the turn without the risk of getting into a debate to finish a barrel. This bit allows a rider to “assist laterally” while a horse is learning how to be smooth.

While the Lil Bit O Confidence is NOT designed to give you a quick reaction or the same snappy feel as Lagniappe, it does provide more immediate communication to the corners of a horse’s mouth and provides noticeably more feel than a traditional O or D ring snaffle.

Why is it ONLY available for Members enrolled into Kendra’s Online Mentor Program? Quite simply, because this is a very specialized bit and we don’t want the risk of anyone using it without first being able to watch the online tutorials or speak with Kendra personally.  To find out if this bit is for you, kindly text us at (940) 291-9090 to learn more.