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Review My Ride

Review My Ride

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SAVE $150

Finally, you don't have to wait to attend a clinic!

Review My Ride is a convenient and affordable way to identify where things are falling apart during a ride and simple steps you can implement today to solve the problem.
How does it work? Send Kendra your video content (2 minutes or less) that shows your current issues, and then watch your email.
Your personal video review will come in the form of a slow-motion video with Kendra’s voice guiding you through the ride with clear indicators of where things are breaking down and solutions you can implement right away! 
Submit Your video to :
please use the same email you purchase with.
Please include the following information:
  • Your Name
  • Your Horse’s Name & Age
  • Description of Problem(s)
  • How long you’ve been competing with this horse

Success Stories:

"I saw my hand is crossing her neck. I’m folding in and then hanging on the backside. (RMR) is so cool!" Sheryl S

"I took as many notes as I could! My arm changed so fast you could hardly
see it without slowing down the video. I’m sure that is hurting his
mouth.....I would love to keep learning from (Kendra)!" Shanna W.


"As much as I think I am calm, I realize my arms are very tight and straight.. I’m pretty sure my butt cheeks are tight too. (Review My Ride has given me) lots to think about." Ramona

"...If you wouldn't mind passing this along to Kendra...She said to keep her updated, I'm taking her seriously! She reviewed my video last weekend....and look at the difference! Whoop whoop! ...Thank you for all you do..!" Kim M.

"..This was just fun! And has me all in my feels. The fact that a place like Stall High exists is amazing. Thanks for all that y’all do!" Alyssa C.


"..Things you recommended helped a ton! Things feel like they are really starting to come together finally." Ashley S.


"Thanks for the review. Everything you said made sense and is pretty spot on." Alyssa J.