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Losing your favorite sunglasses when a horse crow-hops is a real pain in the saddle...
Now there's "Trainer Shades" by Stall Eyes!
Finally, a pair of shades that stay put while you ride...
"Trainer Shades" by STALL EYES are for the horsemen who value fit and function as much as fashion.

As a huge THANK YOU for our Stall High followers, we're taking 60% OFF for a limited time! Discount is automatically applied when you add to cart!

It's believed that John Wayne hoped for STALL EYES long before they were created just for horsemen.
Trainer Shades by Stall High are : 
Lightweight. Adjust easily to fit your face. Super comfortable. Proven to stay on even when the rankest horse breaks in two!

Stall Eyes classic aviator frame is named Dover, after the iconic red roan Hancock gelding who carried Kendra into the Top 15 in the World many years in a row.  

The Dover is a classic aviator frame that adjusts easily to fit your face. Tested by legit cowboys who still make a living in the saddle. Mirrored lenses help disguise what you're really thinking when someone is feeding you a line of bull. Not recommended while playing cards. All colors look equally cool.