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*NEW* Intelligent Threads EQ Performance Saddle Pad

*NEW* Intelligent Threads EQ Performance Saddle Pad

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Does your horse get body sore?

Are you constantly booking Chiro adjustments and having to do other therapies to prevent:

  • sore back 
  • tight hamstrings 
  • short stride
  • behavior problems or 
  • performance issues you know are related to pain and discomfort?


Now, the same AMAZING technology that is helping professional athletes in football, basketball, baseball and other pro sports is now available for you and your horse!


What Kendra calls a Lil Bit O Relief is a thin pad that rests comfortably beneath your existing saddle pad. With a proprietary treatment designed by Brian Burzynski to ease muscular stress, this pad is getting big reviews by riders in many events!


“I use it on my 4 year old turn-back horse daily, who gets ridden up to 8 hours a day.  I could tell he was sore when I brushed him. He had tight hamstrings, his ability to stop and turn weren't as quick as they are now. He’s no longer back sore, now he’s eager and ready to go the next day. Before I used this pad, I was spending money on body work, laser, P3 or chiro adjustments for him every week.  He’s lighter in the mouth, more willing, moves more free and stops harder.” James Davison