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Lil Bit O Love
Lil Bit O Love
Lil Bit O Love
Lil Bit O Love

    Lil Bit O Love

      Hey, horse owner… Do you have an uptight horse who’s always on the muscle? 
      Head shakes a lot and is too high, roots on the bit, stops all the time, or is generally overly sensitive to every little move you make???
      True, it could be caused by a number of things like bad teeth, hot feed, or heavy hands...Sometimes it’s a combination of all the above.
      This lightweight, lil bit offers a softer touch for riders who are in the process of learning how to improve their hands As well as for horses who are overly sensitive to other bits. 
      With a super short shank and longer purchase, the Lil Bit O Love elicits more immediate communication near the corners of a horse’s mouth…
      While the softer mouthpiece provides a bit of a cushion that allows for a calmer stop and smoother turns.
        The mouthpiece has been designed for horses who require a softer touch which makes this bit a great fit for riders who still need control but are struggling to find the right amount of pressure for a successful ride.
      Because the mouthpiece has been divided into three parts, it allows more of a cushion to help smooth out those common knee-jerk reactions we are all prone to have while improving horsemanship.

      Lifetime Warranty!

      If your Lil Bit O Love is damaged or defective, we will replace it free of charge with free shipping. In the event that you, your horse, or trainer do not get along with Lil Bit O Love we offer a 30-day refund with a $20 restocking fee, buyer must provide shipping. Our store manager, Laurie will be happy to assist! Email laurie@stallhigh.com with questions. 


      Wouldn't it be nice if a bit came with PERSONAL INSTRUCTIONS on how to use it? The Lil Bit O Love does...
      FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY.. when you purchase the LIL BIT O LOVE, you will receive a Strategy Call to personally advise you on how to use it to its fullest potential.

      Schedule your Strategy Call:
      FAQs : 


      The curb chain is best when used loosely.  Typically, this means two fingers between the chin and chain.  The most common mistake Kendra sees is that people ride with a headstall too loose and curb too tight.  Make sure your headstall fits comfortably snug so that the purchase (top of the bit) does not angle forward when you apply pressure to the rein.


      Yes!  The Lil Bit O Love mouthpiece is made from what old-time horsemen refer to as "sweet iron" because the flavor of the bit facilitates saliva.  As a horse salivates, the bit can glide into place more comfortably which results in a happier horse who is more willing to respond to rider cues.