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Lil Bit O Balance
Lil Bit O Balance
Lil Bit O Balance

Lil Bit O Balance

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Balance and Simplicity

Get a smoother ride with Lil Bit O Balance

Does this describe your horse?

          ❕ Over-reacts to every little move you make
          ❕ Can't walk a straight line
          ❕ Has too much bend & flex
          ❕ "Wads up", feels like spinning wheels on backside of turns
          ❕ Fighting you to get the bit in his mouth?

Built with the same concept for accurate communication as our other bits, the Lil Bit O Balance is great for horses who ask a lot of questions or feel like an earthworm.

It’s also a smooth option for any level rider who prefers to neck rein. 
One ride in this bit and you’ll understand why we call it Lil Bit O Balance!
Lifetime Warranty!
Wouldn't it be nice if a bit came with PERSONAL INSTRUCTIONS?
The Lil Bit O Balance does!
FOR A LIMITED TIME... when you purchase the LIL BIT O BALANCE, you will receive a Problem Solving Call to personally advise you on how to use it to its fullest potential.