Monday to Friday From 10 AM TO 5 PM
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One-Day Pass to our Live, Interactive Zoom at 6:00pm Central Standard Time.

At Stall High, 5 Professional Coaches go LIVE five days a week sharing over 150 years of experience in the saddle with PERSONALIZED COACHING that will help you and your horse get breakthrough before you break down. 

SAVE yourself thousands of dollars and the
pain of having to learn the hard way
With the Day Pass you can

Pick your PRO and join us on the night of your choice!


Monday: 8X Wrangler National Finals Rodeo Qualifier, Matt Reeves, delivers Rodeo 101: How to Enter Pro Rodeo Successfully; no one can answer today's Pro Rodeo questions faster or more detailed.

Tuesday: 5X Texas Circuit Finals Qualifier and founder of Stall High; Kendra Dickson's training methods reveal how to increase your confidence AND your horse's.

Wednesday: NCHA Trainer and Rancher, our Horse Behavior Specialist and Stall High Bit Guru, James Davison, reveals the real reasons your horses misbehave and what you can do to change their minds.

Thursday: Professional Bull Rider-aka The Bull Riding Ninja- 3X American Ninja Warrior Competitor & former Professional Gymnast, Venn Johns, will help sharpen your mind, body & spirit to ride smarter, not harder.

Friday: AQHA Reserve and World Champion, Ronny Clampitt covers A Rider's Responsibility and reveals how to focus on the feel of your horse and identify and correct bad patterns or habits to excel your horsemanship.