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One-Day Pass to our Live, Interactive Zoom at 6:00pm Central Standard Time.

At Stall High, 5 Professional Coaches go LIVE five days a week sharing over 150 years of experience in the saddle with PERSONALIZED COACHING that will help you and your horse get breakthrough before you break down. 

SAVE yourself thousands of dollars and the
pain of having to learn the hard way
With the Day Pass you can

Pick your PRO and join us on the night of your choice!


Monday: 8X Wrangler National Finals Rodeo Qualifier, Matt Reeves - Get your horse ready to capitalize on the very narrow window of opportunity to make the National Finals in just 6 short weeks, instead of hauling your guts out all year. Regardless of where you are in your Pro Rodeo journey, Matt helps you map a very strategic plan to get the highest ROI our of every mile and entry fee.


Tuesday: Train Your Barrel Horse with Push-Button Simplicity in Just 15 Minutes/Day, using Zero Drills. 5X Texas Circuit Finals Qualifier, Kendra Dickson, frees you from the grueling schedule of traditional barrel racing expectations so you can train your horse to Run, Rate & Relax through a turn without having to use heavy equipment or injure your horse’s mouth by checking before a barrel or lifting a shoulder.


Wednesday: JNCHA Trainer and Rancher, our Horse Behavior Specialist and Stall High Bit Guru, James Davison - Remove Your Horse's Mental Block to Unlock His/Her Highest Potential. There’s always a Biomechanical root to a horse’s problem! Discover the real reasons why your horse is not responding to your cues.


Thursday: Kiss Your Nerves Goodbye with The Bull Riding Ninja's Mental and Physical Guide to Overcoming Anxiety. Free yourself from the worries of competition as former Professional Gymnast, American Ninja Warrior Competitor and PBR Bull Rider, Venn Johns, trains your mind to leave all mental baggage behind. Feel the release of stored trauma from past injuries so you can enter the arena in confidence.


Friday: Next-Level Whoa: Control Your Horse's Head for the Softest Response and Most Controlled Stop with the Lightest Touch Possible. Imagine your horse walking calm, loping smooth and responding to the slightest cue of your hands. Expert Trainer, Ronny Clampitt, helps you discover precisely how much pressure to apply and more importantly when to release, for you and your horse to have the smoothest, safest ride.