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Lil Bit O Balance + Digital Clinic 01
Lil Bit O Balance + Digital Clinic 01
Lil Bit O Balance + Digital Clinic 01
Lil Bit O Balance + Digital Clinic 01
Lil Bit O Balance + Digital Clinic 01

    Lil Bit O Balance + Digital Clinic 01


      Lil Bit O Balance / Digital Clinic 01 - "Ride With Confidence" Bundle!

       Balance and simplicity. Built with the same concept for accurate communication as our other bits, the Lil Bit O Balance simplifies communication for a horse who tends to overthink, over-react or second-guess each step. 

      Lil Bit O Balance is great for horses who ask a lot of questions or have a difficult time walking in a straight line. 
      Because of the simple mouthpiece, LBOB is also handy for riders who have a challenging time getting a bit into the horse’s mouth. Lil Bit O Balance flattens out the horses that feel too bendy and tend to “wad up” on the backside of a turn.
      It’s also a smooth option for any level rider who prefers to neck rein. 
      One ride in this bit and you’ll understand why we call it Lil Bit O Balance!

      Digital Clinic 01 

      Ride with Confidence (Digital Clinic 01) is packed with 10 HOURS of instruction, including The Bullseye where Kendra reviews student videos stride-by-stride, exposing the trouble spots and how to solve them.  Save years of hardship and delays as she reveals some of the traditional barrel racing methods that fail us, cause us to feel wobbly in the saddle and out of timing with our horse. 

      See for yourself why so many other students insisted Kendra make her live clinics accessible afterward so they could stream it at their convenience, learn at their pace,  and from the safety of their own arena. Learn. Ride. Improve all with the simplicity of the Stall High exclusive on-demand, streaming format.

      Lifetime Warranty!

      If your Lil Bit O Balance is damaged or defective, we will replace it free of charge with free shipping. In the event that you, your horse or trainer do not get along with Lil Bit O Balance, we offer a 30-day refund with a $20 restocking fee, buyer must provide shipping. Our store manager, Laurie, will be happy to assist! Email laurie@stallhigh.com with questions. 


      Wouldn't it be nice if a bit came with PERSONAL INSTRUCTIONS on how to use it? The Lil Bit O Balance does...
      FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY.. when you purchase the LIL BIT O BALANCE, you will receive a Strategy Call to personally advise you on how to use it to its fullest potential.

      Schedule your Strategy Call:


      The curb chain is best when used loosely.  Typically, this means two fingers between the chin and chain.  The most common mistake Kendra sees is that people ride with a headstall too loose and curb too tight.  Make sure your headstall fits comfortably snug so that the purchase (top of the bit) does not angle forward when you apply pressure to the rein.


      Yes!  The Lil Bit O Balance mouthpiece is made from what old-time horsemen refer to as "sweet iron" because the flavor of the bit facilitates saliva.  As a horse salivates, the bit can glide into place more comfortably which results in a happier horse who is more willing to respond to rider cues.